Question: What Is Another Word For Gathering?

What do you call a social gathering?


What is a word for gathering place?

What is another word for gathering place?assembly pointcentreUKmeeting placeconfluencemeeting housemeeting pointfocusrendezvousrallying pointmuster station1 more row

What is another word for getting together?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for get-together, like: congregate, congress, assemble, muster, re-union, accumulate, assemblage, join forces, meet-up, dinner and social event.

The Regulations define a ‘gathering’ as: ‘any assembly, concourse or procession of more than 100 persons, wholly or partially in open air or in a building or premises’.

What are synonyms for gathering?

What is the mean of gathering?

1 : assembly, meeting. 2 : a suppurating swelling : abscess. 3 : the collecting of food or raw materials from the wild. 4 : collection, compilation.

What’s another word for meet up?

Find another word for meet up with. In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for meet up with, like: become acquainted with, be introduced, meet and encounter.

What means meet up?

: an informal meeting or get-together … people who frequently use their cell phones to communicate with others often do so to arrange face-to-face meetings. ” For people that live locally or on campus, I’ll text them to arrange a meetup if I want to talk to them and hang out …,” [

What’s the difference between a party and a get together?

Originally Answered: What’s the difference between a party and a get together? A ‘get-together’ is an informal meeting of friends. A ‘party’ may be seen as a get-together’ for all-comers – often featuring profuse quantities of liquor for consumption by attendees. A get together might be less formal than a party.

What do you call a family gathering?

Noun. Gathering of a family. family reunion. family event.

What is food gathering?

procuring food by hunting or fishing or the gathering of seeds, berries, or roots, rather than by the cultivation of plants or the domestication of animals; foraging.

What is the sentence of gathering?

1, The car was gathering speed. 2, Economic storm clouds are gathering over India. 3, The senator addressed the gathering informally. 4, The script has been gathering editorial accretions for years.

What is a mixer gathering?

Mixer(n.) a social gathering, game, or dance organized to provide an opportunity for people to meet each other; as, on the first night of the conference they had a wine-and-cheese mixer.

What do you call an evening party?

: a party or reception held in the evening. Soiree: A Fancy Evening Party Example Sentences Learn More about soiree.

What is mean by get together?

Get together is defined as a slang expression that means when two people have decided to date or enter some relationship, or that two people have engaged in sexual behavior together. An example of get together is when Stacy and Tom decide to date for the first time.

What is considered a social event?

1. social event – an event characteristic of persons forming groups. event – something that happens at a given place and time. show – a social event involving a public performance or entertainment; “they wanted to see some of the shows on Broadway”