Who Presents East Midlands Today?

Has Anne Davies left East Midlands today?

Anne has been co-presenter of East Midlands Today since 2001, after leaving the breakfast programme GMTV.

Now in Nottingham, she fronts Children In Need, has hosted the BBC East Midlands Sports Awards and helped the programme win a Royal Television Society Award with her coverage of the Madeleine McCann story..

Is Anne Davies married?

Quick InformationDate of Birth1958-03-22ProfessionTelevision PresenterMarital StatusMarriedHusband/SpouseNot KnownDivorced/EngagedNot Yet8 more rows

Is Sarah Teale married?

Pregnant Central TV newsreader Sarah Teale felt a strange sensation in her stomach during a live broadcast – but put it down to another false alarm. Five hours later Sarah, 29, became a proud mum after baby daughter Millie was born five weeks early. She lives in Nottingham with husband Matt.

Who is Yasmin Bodalbhai?

Yasmin is a Production Journalist ITV Central at ITV. … Yasmin was a Journalist at 96.4 Eagle Radio.

What age is Bob Warman?

74 years (October 11, 1946)Bob Warman/Age

Who presents Midlands today?

Midlands Today is the BBC’s regional television news service for the West Midlands. It was launched in 1964 and is presented on alternating nights by Mary Rhodes or Nick Owen.

Where is Nick Owen now?

Nick Owen resides in Kinver, southwestern Staffordshire with his wife.

What age is Nick Owen?

73 years (November 1, 1947)Nick Owen/Age

How old is Anne Diamond?

66 years (September 8, 1954)Anne Diamond/Age

Has Nick Owen just got married?

Jill Laverym. 1977Nick Owen/Spouse